Petra Pezzimenti

Make-up artist

Petra was born in Czech Republic. At the age of twenty she moved to Italy to work in fashion business. Now it's been 8 years since she has been living in Moscow, where she started her make-up career.

For as long as she can remember, Petra has been passionate about doing make-up. For she, using brush and applying cosmetics is a joyful experience and feeling.

She graduated from Moscow school of make-up "MOSMAKE", founded by Natalia Vlasova. She obtained international Certificates (IMA) in "make-up application" ; "fashion/photographic make-up application" and "eyebrows correction and definition".

She speaks fluently czech, italian, russian and english.

Actually she is working as freelance make-up artist and in collaboration with Italian beauty salon in Moscow "Domenico Castello".

°Beauty/fashion/creative make-up

°Eyebrows definition, correction and extension

°Eyelashes keratin treatment



Petra's philosophy is creating harmony and balance though make-up.

Remember that you are all beautiful!